The fastest way should be:
  • Select the whole grid including the labels.
  • (optional) Group for ease of working.
  • Resize with the mouse.
Applications come with different capabilities and those capable of showing your desired unit of measure will have a setting that you have to adjust in the application. The desired speed should remain as configured regardless of the application settings. Ease of use and working with a file is more convenient if you like to store multiple material tests ready for later re-use.

A good solution will be a balanced combination of all 3 suggestions bellow.

  • Check your speed range. This is one of the main factors that will affect how much time the grid will take to burn. Try to put a reasonable speeds for your material and laser power.
  • Use smaller grid's. I usually start with 3x3 for most of my work. 10x10 should not be your first choice unless you need very high resolution test.
  • You can also manually resize the grid in your program. This is described in question 1. The actual area being engraved is a big factor affecting your time.
  • Additional grid sizing parameters.
  • Using passes as one of the scale.
  • Different grid form factors.
  • Predefined machine profiles.
  • Ability to save and restore current setup.
  • SVG download.
  • ...